“Welcome to our garage!”

We like to offer our customers a warm welcome, not just to make you feel welcome through our front door but also because when people visit us they are often stressed due to a vehicle issue, a breakdown, concerned about costs and whether they will have a vehicle to travel to work or pick up the kids, so the least we can do is try to alleviate that pressure on them.

Firstly we like to reassure a customer, especially a new customer, that we are trustworthy. They may well have heard this from other customers of ours or presumed this due to our membership of the SIMI, but trust is earned and until a job is done it can be quite hard for trust to be realised. We like to think that by being absolutely transparent and open with a customer from the start they can see we are confident in our work, that we are not in it for the “big sell” and as we always say “we look after you and your vehicle!”

We do often ask a lot of questions when meeting our customers but there is a very good reason for this. The first questions are how we break the ice, get to know the person, see how they are feeling and build up a relationship with them….over time. This also gives them an opportunity in a very relaxed way to ask us anything they feel they would like to know to make them feel comfortable about leaving the care of their vehicle in our hands.  The next set of questions focus on symptoms and needs. We use these to ascertain what the customer needs, what issues they are having, gather info about a fault that may aid us in the diagnosis process and in some cases, for bigger jobs, set timescales/ budgets for diagnostics or repairs so the customer again can feel comfortable that they are not getting out of their depth financially.

If you are looking for a professional garage to take care of you and your vehicle, contact us!







JLM-quality products, used and recommended by us!

There are so many products on the market today claiming to do all sorts, for example give you much more miles from your tank of fuel or increase your brake horsepower by some amazing number or other. The truth of it is that a hell of a lot of them have very little effect on your vehicle, well that is to say positive effect anyway, but there are a select few out there that really do what they say on the tin and in our opinion JLM is top of the class.

You must bear in mind certain things when using additives, even the best ones are not “miracle workers” and they should be used in conjunction with regular maintenance, good quality parts/ oils and good quality fuel.  Each additive is designed with particular qualities, some are fuel treatment for the fuel system, however some additives are put in the fuel and are used to treat other components of your engine eg: turbo cleaners, so choose the right product. Also if a particular issue you are having has simply gone on too long then you will be asking too much of an additive to sort it out. Lastly DO NOT overuse any additive as it can lead to serious failures in components that will cost you a lot.

Additives are available for a variety of uses, I suppose most commonly known are fuel additives that treat fuel systems and faults relating to them. There are of course as stated above other additives that are poured into your fuel but are designed to work differently and to treat other components, most commonly catalytic converters, turbos, EGR, DPF and valves. In the modern age we also have issues with bacteria growing in diesel fuel, without getting into the science of this, it is also quite common now to use an additive to combat this jelly-like build up in your fuel tank and filter. Along with the fuel treatments there are also mechanical medicines for oil, coolant, power steering, transmission oils and the list goes on.

JLM have a comprehensive range to deal with yours and indeed our needs. Their website gives specifics for each product and is laid out in such a way that it is very easy to find whats available to treat each part of your vehicle. We ourselves keep a stock of their products that we most commonly use and there is nothing on our shelves that we have not tried and tested on many occasions with huge success. Obviously being part of The DPF Doctor Network we use the DPF related products most but the Extreme Clean, Rapid Fuel System Clean and  Diesel Turbo Cleaner are used very frequently by us too. Our range includes both petrol and diesel products, oil, coolant and bacterial treatments alongside the more trade oriented DPF clean and flush kits and Diesel intake extreme clean kit.

If you would like to know more about JLM or their products pop over to their excellent website at www.jlmlubricants.com or come and talk to us about the issues you have and we will talk you through your best course of action and what product is best suited to your needs.



Nissan Qasqhai-DPF trouble

The Nissan Qasqhai as you know is a very popular small SUV on Irish and European roads, however unfortunately they are also frequent visitors to the garage with engine warning lights and ABS/ ESP lights on. Here are some of the common reasons why we see them and what you can do to minimise the chances of yours letting you down.

The issues we see them in most for are DPF, exhaust and fuel system related faults. The ABS/ESP lights are usually (but not always) a consequence of an issue with with engine/ exhaust monitoring systems on this particular car. In all honesty by far the most common problems derive from frequent short journeys, low fuel levels, poor servicing and bad quality oils. However there are a number of weak points on these vehicles too which there is not much you can do about for example injector, exhaust flap, glow plug and induction pipe failures, but when they go wrong you should be dealing with them immediately before they cause you bigger issues.

There are a few engine types in the Qasqhai the most commonly seen variants are of the 1.5 and 1.6 DCi units which as most will know are actually an engine developed by Renault. As with all modern engines the right oil type being used is critical to efficiency, performance and reliability of the vehicle. The wrong type of oil being used can cause some major contamination and wear of engine components and not least of all the DPF. Poor servicing habits also cause issues for example the engines ability to breath is very reliant on a good quality and clean air filter so a clogged air filter will do your vehicle no favours. These may, to some, seem like very obvious steps to take but you would be surprised how many people don’t take them. I won’t delve much deeper into the servicing side of things as it really is simple, yet important, regular maintenance, proper oils, quality parts!

When a warning light comes on in your vehicle you really need to deal with it soon, especially in these particular cars. From experience over the years we have seen the customer who has an engine management/ fault light on for months and then as the NCT looms near decides its time to “erase” the fault to extinguish the light. This is not a practice we approve of at all, especially with some of the cheap code readers on the market, accurate diagnosis is done using proper equipment, information, training, experience and procedures. You may get lucky with some cars having a minor fault, however we have found that with the Qasqhai the common faults that put on the engine light and even the ABS lights very quickly lead to serious blockages in the DPF and in many cases have left the driver stranded with a serious lack of power or even a non-runner.

By far the most common issues we come across in the Qasqhai, and other vehicles, are down to two things, frequent short journeys and frequent low fuel level. The short journeys are a major issue for DPF equipped vehicles as the exhaust temperatures don’t get up high enough to enable regeneration(cleaning process) of the DPF, or in some cases where the journey is just long enough to hit the required temperature but during the regeneration process the journey ends and cuts short the procedure. In a short period of time the car will start to register regeneration frequency faults and/ or become clogged leading to loss of power or as stated before become a non-runner. The other common issue is one of fuel level, we’ve all heard the stated over the years “don’t run the tank too low, you’ll suck up all the crap in the bottom of the tank”, well fine , yes, to a point and depending on fuel and tank condition, however on modern DPF equipped diesel engines the actual software for regeneration may stop regeneration when fuel level is detected as being below quarter of a tank, so if you consistently allow your fuel level to get that low or never top it up above quarter you will probably fall victim to a DPF issue also.

“What can I do about this?”

So what can you do? Well quite simply:

  • Firstly ask yourself am I giving the vehicle sufficient driving to allow it to operate correctly and if you aren’t you should either adopt a different driving style/ routine or seriously consider if a diesel engine is cost effective and reliable for you.
  • Use good quality fuel, keep the fuel tank topped up and never below quarter tank. Also maybe consider the use of quality fuel additives, such as the JLM range, that will aid regeneration (especially if you are concerned about regeneration due to irregular driving cycle) or also for keeping the fuel system working at its optimal level.
  • Keep you vehicle regularly maintained using quality oils and parts. check you oil level regularly and if the oil level is getting too high have it checked out, this is often a sign of excessive regenerations of the DPF.
  • If you have a fault light on, the vehicle is lacking power, is chucking when driving or you hear strange sounds when accelerating get it checked sooner rather than later.

Hopefully this may be of some help and if nothing else will give you an insight into some of the factors you may not have thought about that can affect the performance of your vehicle.

Any queries about this please feel free to contact us, we are heavily involved in vehicle maintenance & diagnostics and as members of The DPF Doctor Network we are well placed to take care of your DPF issues.

Thanks for reading, keep an eye out for more articles coming soon!


Shanahan Auto Gorey Wexford Diagnostic

Still open under COVID Guidelines

We are still operating under COVID 19 guidelines aswell as abiding by all the recommended measures we have taken some extra steps to keep our customers and staff as safe as possible. We use a “car care kit” in each vehicle which consists of steering wheel cover, seat and floor cover, gear stick cover and hand brake lever cover whilst also changing our gloves regularly, washing and sanitising our hands and sanitising your vehicle touch points and keys before handing them back over to you. When meeting customers we will ask you to remove the car key from the other keys/ keyrings and place it in a box at reception from here we will take it and sanitise it. We will wear a mask whilst in customers vehicles, road testing, conveying customers (if we need to) and whilst talking to you. In the garage itself we are keeping socially distant, wearing masks and other PPE if it is essential to work in close proximity to each other. The garage and office are out of bounds to all visitors and our reception is limited to one person/ one car party at a time. 

We look forward to a day when we can get back to normal, but until that time, more than ever we will continue to look after you and your vehicle.