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There are so many products on the market today claiming to do all sorts, for example give you much more miles from your tank of fuel or increase your brake horsepower by some amazing number or other. The truth of it is that a hell of a lot of them have very little effect on your vehicle, well that is to say positive effect anyway, but there are a select few out there that really do what they say on the tin and in our opinion JLM is top of the class.

You must bear in mind certain things when using additives, even the best ones are not “miracle workers” and they should be used in conjunction with regular maintenance, good quality parts/ oils and good quality fuel.  Each additive is designed with particular qualities, some are fuel treatment for the fuel system, however some additives are put in the fuel and are used to treat other components of your engine eg: turbo cleaners, so choose the right product. Also if a particular issue you are having has simply gone on too long then you will be asking too much of an additive to sort it out. Lastly DO NOT overuse any additive as it can lead to serious failures in components that will cost you a lot.

Additives are available for a variety of uses, I suppose most commonly known are fuel additives that treat fuel systems and faults relating to them. There are of course as stated above other additives that are poured into your fuel but are designed to work differently and to treat other components, most commonly catalytic converters, turbos, EGR, DPF and valves. In the modern age we also have issues with bacteria growing in diesel fuel, without getting into the science of this, it is also quite common now to use an additive to combat this jelly-like build up in your fuel tank and filter. Along with the fuel treatments there are also mechanical medicines for oil, coolant, power steering, transmission oils and the list goes on.

JLM have a comprehensive range to deal with yours and indeed our needs. Their website gives specifics for each product and is laid out in such a way that it is very easy to find whats available to treat each part of your vehicle. We ourselves keep a stock of their products that we most commonly use and there is nothing on our shelves that we have not tried and tested on many occasions with huge success. Obviously being part of The DPF Doctor Network we use the DPF related products most but the Extreme Clean, Rapid Fuel System Clean and  Diesel Turbo Cleaner are used very frequently by us too. Our range includes both petrol and diesel products, oil, coolant and bacterial treatments alongside the more trade oriented DPF clean and flush kits and Diesel intake extreme clean kit.

If you would like to know more about JLM or their products pop over to their excellent website at www.jlmlubricants.com or come and talk to us about the issues you have and we will talk you through your best course of action and what product is best suited to your needs.



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